J M Smith Benefits

Welcome! This site gives you access 24 hours a day to information about your benefits, from work or from home. It also makes it easy for you to obtain frequently used forms so you can keep your payroll and benefits information up to date. For example:

  • Check on the status of medical and dental claims by clicking on the Medical or Dental Plan links.
  • Confirm the balance in your Flexible Benefits account (Health Care Reimbursement or Dependent Care Reimbursement funds) using the Flex Plan page.
  • Monitor the performance of your 401(k) investments using the link to Fidelity on the 401(k) page. You may also get information on a rollover or change a beneficiary.
  • Get helpful information on numerous health-related issues by going to the Helpful Links page.
  • On the Forms page, get the forms needed to inform Payroll and Benefits of any changes that impact your pay or benefits. These include:
    • Changing your address
    • Recording a status change that affects your benefits (adding or dropping a dependent)
    • Requesting reimbursement from your health care or dependent care flex account

Take a minute to explore this site and see how it can make it easier for you to manage your benefits.

2024 Plan A, B, & C Benefit Guide

Open Enrollment for 2024

You must finalize your enrollment online no later than November 17, 2023. If you need help with your enrollment, please see your local Human Resource Department, and they will work with you.

Committed To The Communities We Serve

Giving back to, serving and improving the communities where we live and work is one of the core values of the J M Smith Corporation. Through the J M Smith Foundation, we fulfill this value by funding programs, advocating for communities, and being a good example and steward for the towns where our business units are based. We understand that our company succeeds because of the people we employ and serve, so we put people first in all of our endeavors. As such, our corporate programs focus mainly on two goals: the prevention of prescription drug abuse, and the improvement of communities.