About J M Smith Corporation

The third-largest privately held company in South Carolina, J M Smith Corporation operates industry-leading healthcare and technology business units. In business since 1925, the company supplies services and technology to pharmacies across the United States. Building on an established, successful history and culture, J M Smith Corporation is poised to lead the future of health care and technology services by providing the products and services that will improve lives through innovation.

Our Values

J M Smith is built on the core values of being a good supplier to our customers, a good employer for our staff, a good partner to our suppliers, a good citizen in our community and a good value to our shareholders. The values can be summarized as this: we're always listening to three key voices—our employees, customers and shareholders. The company models these values through integrity, innovation, involvement and intensity.

A team meeting at Smith Drug Company.

Our Strategy

Our operating model is based on four pillars: Integrity, Innovation, Involvement and Intensity. We have an unrelenting customer focus; we are determined to give our customers solutions that will improve their business and their ability to care for their customers. By listening carefully to the voices of our stakeholders—our customers, our employees and our shareholders—we reinvest in new products and markets for growth, delivering exceptional quality and value.

Our team is committed to our values, not just as words, but as how we go about our work and our lives every day. From our chairman, to our developers, to our sales team, to our warehouse employees and to our business unit leaders, we believe in our core values.

Our Leadership

J M Smith Corporation is led by a dedicated and passionate team.

Our Companies

J M Smith Corporation is comprised of multiple business units that deliver technology and services to pharmacies across the United States. Each holding company stays true to the values of our corporation by focusing on serving customers, employees and suppliers and improving their lives and communities.

Smith Drug Company's first location.

Smith Drug Company

Smith Drug Company is a full-line distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment (HME/DME), over-the-counter medicines, gifts and sundries to pharmacies and long-term care facilities.

Integral Rx

Integral Rx is a secondary source of supplies and generics, helping independent pharmacies with affordably priced generics.

Integral Rx Supplies

As one of the leading custom pharmacy product suppliers in the country, Integral Rx provides a variety of configuration options for prescription labels, long-term care forms, pharmacy bags, medication cards, vials, and more!