Committed To The Communities We Serve

Giving back to, serving and improving the communities where we live and work is one of the core values of the J M Smith Corporation. Through the J M Smith Foundation, we fulfill this value by funding programs, advocating for communities, and being a good example and steward for the towns where our business units are based. We understand that our company succeeds because of the people we employ and serve, so we put people first in all of our endeavors. As such, our corporate programs focus mainly on two goals: the prevention of prescription drug abuse, and the improvement of communities.

Combating Prescription Drug Abuse

The misuse of medication has become a serious problem around the country, and J M Smith Corporation, in conjunction with the J M Smith Foundation, is committed to helping end this crisis. From our business practices to our philanthropic efforts, we are working to combat medication misuse.

An ambulance races to the hospital

Our commitment to ending a crisis covers every stage of prescribing and administering drugs, to educating the public, to better equipping first responders.

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Caring About People & Communities

The J M Smith Corporation and our business units are committed to improving the lives of our employees and the communities where they live and work.

In order to ensure that we support the organizations that our employees care about, we offer employee matching funds – meaning our company will match our employees' charitable donations, dollar for dollar. We hold dear our hometown of Spartanburg, S.C., and have worked to add green spaces and improve the economic development of the city and the entire Upstate of South Carolina.

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